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Dragon Ass Ball - Acro Fire

Catch Reno and Special Guest(s) for Acro-Fire performance along side some of Sacramento’s best fire dancers at the 5th annual Dragon Ass Ball.

Muggles not allowed


5th Annual DAB -- This year we are doing the party a little differently. Just like we did with WAB (White Ass Ball) - It will be a fundraiser for a very special large scale art project produced by our camp. For those of you that don’t know -- our new camp Circle of Friends Camp (previously Dragon Ass Camp) did a proof of concept sculpture for Burning Man this year! It was of course called “Circle of Friends” and we will have it at the party for viewing! The name is a bit corny perhaps – but a great sentiment and great project that we are all very proud to be part of.
So for Burning Man 2019 we are doing a large scale art installation with 6 each of the scaled up sculptures around a central fire pit plus lighting and fire effects. This of course is an expensive (very expensive) endeavor to pull off and although we have a loose commitment from Burning Man on an honorarium for 2019 – we will still need to raise a bunch of funds to succeed.
Hope this isn’t too much of a change for everyone – but this we are selling tickets to directly support the COF Project and hope that everyone can appreciate the value of our objective - coupled with one kick-ass party as always! We hope to bring new art cars and get bigger participation overall.

Sparkle Pony Tickets = $50 (includes COF Stainless Pendant - Normally $20)
General Admin = $40
Raffle & Pendants
Raffle Tickets - $10 per order (get 2 tickets), $20 per order (get 5 tickets)

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